We Offer Comprehensive and Affordable Health Care for your Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats!

Appointments available & walk-ins welcomed

From check-in to check-out, our hospital staff plans to make you and your pet’s visit a satisfactory experience.

Comprehensive Examinations


Yearly check-ups are just as important for our pets as they are for us. Sometimes revealing early problems that can be taken care of before they cause major ones.


We offer a wide variety of vaccines that are catered to your pets needs.


Getting your new pet off to a good start is important. The Wellness exam makes sure all the places from toenails to teeth are covered, and vaccines and deworming are up to date.


Pet Services

Laser Therapy

We offer K-Laser technology. A noninvasive procedure that promotes healing of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries. It decreases healing time and pain after surgical procedures.

Nutritional consultation

We are what we eat… How true a statement. Our nutritional consultation provides owners with information about the various dietary needs of their pets.

Medical diagnostics / Laboratory

Our medical diagnostics and laboratory testing are available in-house, providing a quicker diagnosis of medical conditions.

Dental Surgery

The heart, liver and kidneys could be affected by an oral infection, leading to organ failure. Proper tooth and other oral tissue care is imperative for a long and healthy life. Our services include complete oral examination with anesthesia, teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extraction, and minor oral surgery for tumors and other oral lesions.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Along with spays and neuters we provide a wide variety of soft tissue surgery from growth removals to reconstructive (nip-tuck) procedures.

Digital radiography

Now the gold standard… digital radiography allows better visualization of internal structures than did the conventional radiographic machines, thereby increasing our diagnostic ability.


Behavioral treatment plans

Everybody has bad days but when they become the norm rather than the exception there may be a problem. Our pets are no different. Behavioral changes may be signs of underlying problems that need to be addressed. Our behavioral treatment plans are designed to find out and treat these behavioral issues.

Chappell Equine Services offers for your equine the following services and more:


  • Hospital appointments
  • Comprehensive examinations
    • Preventive care
  • Laser Therapy
  • Medical diagnostics
    • Ultrasonography
    • Thermography
    • Laboratory
  • Procedures include the following:
    • Power float dentistry